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'Leadership in Practice' by Paul Murtagh (2013), published by Createspace

'Leadership in Practice' is a jargon-free, practitioners guide to leadership for use in everyday situations.

Whether you are a student, entrepreneur, the leader of a small business or a member of a leadership team in a large corporation, the book contains a series of models and frameworks that will help you understand and develop your capability as a leader.

'Leadership in Practice' outlines a fundamental model for leadership in terms of

1) Vision, defining a future state for an organization that represents progress

2) Design, the strategy to reach that future state

3) Implementation, how to take an organization forward by leveraging its resources and capabilities.

You will be challenged to look closely at your own capability and potential to be a leader and understand that leadership is the combination of who you are and what you learn over time through experience.

A central theme in the book is the 'Leadership Team'. Since most leaders do not necessarily have all the key leadership skills themselves, they must look to establish a Leadership Team, who collectively, posses the right balance of capabilities that are necessary for an organisation to make progress.

Leaders focus on success and this book will help you deliver on the only thing that matters. Results.

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